April 4, 2016 will go down as a historic day in US history as New York signed into law a never-before-seen paid leave policy that allows up to 12 weeks of PAID time off for new parents or those who need to take care of family members with serious medical conditions.  Since the United States is the only developed country that has no paid time off for new mothers, this is quite a huge undertaking for New York and the excitement surrounding the law is palpable.  A mere three other states actually have paid leave policies with California and New Jersey offering six weeks and Rhode Island offering four. While the law will be implemented slowly, with various nuances, by 2021 all facets of the policy should be fully running. Employers should make sure they are educated about what the policy means, who qualifies and how to handle requests for leave to avoid unintended transgressions against a qualifying employee’s rights. While not perfect, the new law is a major step in the right direction towards economic and familial harmony. Good job, NY!